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The Climate Cent Foundation’s mandate abroad for the period 2008 to 2012 was to purchase a maximum of 15 million project-based Kyoto certificates and hand them over to the Swiss Confederation to help it meet its emission reduction target; each certificate stands for the reduction of one tonne of CO₂. As a matter of principle, all project-based Kyoto certificates were admissible. However, the Foundation Council decided early on to abstain from purchasing certificates stemming from specific project types (HFC-23, methane capture in coal mining, biological sinks). The Foundation focused on projects aiming for the use of renewable energies and on small-scale high-quality projects.


Overall, 16‘016‘902 Kyoto certificates were transferred to the Foundation. Sourcing these certificates generated direct and indirect costs of 244 million Swiss francs. On average, a certificate thus cost 15 Swiss francs.

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